Our Partners

MST is the one of the leading system integrator company in Ural Federal District. The MST Company is aimed at the development of IT services complying with the latest market requirements. Providing high-qualitative services we are continuously striving for innovations in IT sector anticipating our Customers’ expectations. www.mstcompany.net
Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works (KUMZ in Russian abbreviation) is one of the largest downstream companies in Russia. KUMZ has a rich history as it was founded in 1944 as a manufacturer of semi-finished products in aluminium-, magnesium-based and aluminium-lithium alloys. www.kumz.ru
AIR LLC is a subsidiary of LUKOIL-AERO, which sells jet fuel at airports in the Russian Federation and abroad. The scope of LUKOIL-AERO activity covers more than 30 airports around the world. The company's clients are the largest Russian and foreign airlines. www.aero.lukoil.ru
JSC "URALASBEST" is largest producer of chrysotile in the world. Also, URALASBEST Industrial complex is the largest in Russia manufacturer of non-metallic building materials which are delivering for road and railway building. Annual capacity is 12 million tons. www.uralasbest.ru
Ekaterinburg Koltsovo International Airport is Russia’s largest regional airport. Over 30 Russian and foreign airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 80 cities of the world and, thanks to convenient transfers at international hubs, with practically any place in the world. www.koltsovo.ru
OJSC "Kamenskoe" supplies vegetables, dairy and meat products to municipal and commercial enterprises in the Kamensky District. Thanks to implementation of a comprehensive investment program of Sinar Group, state support and competent agrotechnical work, the company became one of the three largest agricultural complexes in the Sverdlovsk region, and also is the undisputed leader among agricultural enterprises in Kamensky District. www.sinara-group.com
Akrost LLC is a part Penetron-Russia Group. The know-how and experience gained over the past 40 years has enabled Penetron to offer a broad range of concrete solutions, including crystalline waterproofing, waterstops and liquid sealers. The PENETRON system has been proven effective on countless major projects worldwide. The technical excellence of the products and a knowledgeable and dependable team of people have made the company the industry leader. www.penetron.ru
"Dixi-Ural" is part of the "Dixy group". Dixie ranks 3rd among Russian food retailers. The Dixi group also includes chains of stores Victoria and Megamart in the Urals. www.dixy.ru
The "Ural Airlines" takes the 4th place among the leading Russian airlines in terms of traffic for January - April 2016-2017.Every year, new cities of Russia, the CIS and foreign countries are added to the airline's flight map. www.uralairlines.ru