Здание аэропорта «Кольцово»

The Koltsovo airport building

Address of the object:

Russia, Sverdlovsky Region, Yekaterinburg, Bahvchandzhi square, 1, Lit D and Lit D5


JSC «Koltsovo Airport»

Project completion year:


The object of reconstruction is the existing building of Koltsovo Airport, located at: Yekaterinburg, Bakhchivandzhi Square, 1. Litter D (terminal of international lines (TIL), 1st phase (2004-2005) and Litter D5 (terminal of domestic airlines (TDA), 2nd phase (2007).

The reconstructed terminals are made in one solid structure and located on the territory of Koltsovo Airport. On the east side, the building is adjacent to the new building of international terminal built in 2009 (Terminal B, 3rd phase). On the west side the building is adjacent to the hotel and service area. On the north side of the building - a station square with an open parking lot, on the south side - a runway. 

Under the reconstruction refers the combining of the domestic airlines terminal (2-nd phase) with the international airlines terminal (1st phase) of Koltsovo Airport into a one big terminal for passenger services on domestic airlines. 

The reconstruction project retains the outer boundaries of the terminal building. Indicators of the total area of the building and the construction volume do not increase, the functional purpose of the building will not change. The project provides for the reorganization of technological processes of passenger air transportation services to increase the capacity of the terminal. 

The reconstruction works are carried out in 2 phases, which allows to ensure the continuity of a technological processes for servicing both departure and arrival passengers on domestic airlines. 

The first phase of reconstruction of the Koltsovo Airport building includes the reconstruction of the TIL building. The second phase is the reconstruction of the TDA building.

Stroy-zakazchik carried out the construction supervision and consulting services during the reconstruction process.

Works on the first phase of reconstruction (the TIL buildings) were held from April 1, 2012 to November-December 2012.

Works on the second phase of reconstruction (the TDA buildings) were held from December 1, 2012 to November 2013.